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Chained To Your Past? How To Cut Soul Ties.

Still Trapped?

I realize this is an odd question, but do you feel trapped? I mean trapped in a toxic relationship or to an event from your past that you just can’t seem to shake.

Good Ties

These can be what’s called Soul Ties. They’re supernatural bonds that create long-lasting relationships going deeper than surface-level friendships. Often, soul ties are positive connections uniting people. Ever met someone and instantly you felt a deep loyalty? It was light a light popped on in your soul.

These bonds are biblical and vital for building strong kingdom connections. Consider the example from Luke 1:44. When Mary (pregnant with Jesus) went to visit Elizabeth (pregnant with John the Baptist), Elizabeth’s baby jumped in her womb at the sound of Jesus’s mother. There was a tie between these two souls who would meet again thirty years later and change the history of the world.

As soon as the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy. ~ Luke 1:44

Bad Ties

Negative bonds usually develop between people as a result of illicit behavior. Casual intercourse, rape, molestation or pornography are a few examples of incidents commonly leading to the dangerous bondage of soul ties.

That sin-based connection has the ability to control the rest of your life because of the tether to a wrong relationship. Addiction, guilt, and obsessive behaviors are grounded in past trauma continuing as soul ties.

Not Just People

In addition to people, soul ties are also spiritual attachments to events, actions, images, or anything that has trapped you in that moment in time that just won’t allow you to be free to move forward with your life. Sort of like that old gym membership!

Anything that has attached itself to you and still influences your thoughts, emotions, or actions is a soul tie. Satan is skilled at perverting our memories of past relationships and events. It’s important to see these things through God goggles worn in prayer.

Breaking Bondage

It’s important to identify what it is that haunts you. Pray for God to show you what occurred and see it from a spiritual realm. You have the supernatural authority to cut negative soul ties.

Some of us visualize these spiritual ties as strands, like spider webs stretching from that moment in the past to where we are today. When I began to understand the concept of soul ties, I immediately saw my past pain connected to my soul by giant suspension-bridge cables.

It might sound funny if this is your first exposure to the reality of soul ties, but once you begin to pray over them, you will start to “see” yourself supernaturally connected to your pain points. You have the God-ordained authority to cut these ties and free yourself from the harm done against you.

Do Not Ignore

Too often, we just blow it off. Most of us don’t like going to a doctor when we’re sick or hurt because we figure it’ll go away or we can deal with it. Deceptive past reminders act in the same way. Can you live with the darkness of your past attached to your soul? Sure you can. Until you can’t.

The point is, we can muddle through life without ever scratching that itch, or we can rid ourselves of the darkness, and move forward with living the blessed life that God created for us. The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

Praying For Freedom

There is freedom waiting for you on the other side of negative soul ties. I'm praying that you begin to identify what or who hurt you and start the process of breaking free from them. It's a process, but you can do this. PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need someone to walk through the process with you.

Please make sure to get connected at Seasons of Man- we are growing an incredible community.

Much Love & Respect,

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Miguel De Los Santos
Miguel De Los Santos
Feb 08, 2023

When I first discovered the concept of soul ties, I couldn’t believe the things I saw! Slowly I began the process of cutting all these titanium cables thought I had gotten over. They were still affecting my everyday life and even worse my marriage! I couldn’t trust, and the smallest doubt would trigger past relationship experiences. Even a smell would trigger it. This article is something fierce where many of us men need to start! I’ve seen ties like this even be used as trophies (well after they’ve been married) the world makes us think these ties are okay, but they turn into webs of lies, deception, hurt, and even destruction if not released. I encourage all men to take…

Scott Silverii
Scott Silverii
Feb 12, 2023
Replying to

Amen. That's powerful. I never considered smell having that effect but can 100% get it. We can't truly press forward while tethered to the past. Great going and thanks for sharing.

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